Review Of Procedures:

Class Exposure

When a member of a class has tested positive, the class will close. All students that have tested positive in the past will be allowed to return without re-testing. All others will be required to test.

An email with the specific information will be sent to parents of the affected class.

Positive Case

A student with a positive test result, and all family members that have not yet had the virus, must remain home for 10 days.

Any family member that has had the virus since July 2020, may attend school while the family remains in quarantine. 

Reporting a Positive Case

Current cases:

Please fill out this form at for each member in your family that tested positive.

Past Cases: *NEW*

It is important that we have accurate information about our student body so that we can apply the proper medical guidance and measures to our specific circumstances. While we have cases since November recorded, the information prior to then is incomplete.

If your child had a CONFIRMED case of Covid prior to NOVEMBER 2020, please fill out this form available at

Class Closure

When a class closes due to positive exposure, you will receive an email from your child’s department entailing:

  • Date of exposure
  • Class Covid-testing requirements
  • Expected resume date
  • Zoom information for online classes

Confirmed Case Report

If a member in your family tests positive for Covid, you must:

Your entire household needs to quarantine. Rabbi Shmuly Klein will contact you with further details.


If you are traveling internationally, you must:

  • Notify

You may be required to quarantine and get tested (depending on the CDC travel advisory) prior to returning to school.


If your family is in quarantine, depending on its availability, your child may be able to join his/her class online. Please:

Mask Requirements

We are currently RECOMMENDING masks while in the classroom.

In public areas (indoor hallways, department offices) masks are required to be worn.

For the purpose of hygiene, please make sure that your child has a “fresh” mask daily.

General Questions

For any questions or Covid-related concerns, please contact

Common Scenarios & Questions

Q: What if a member in my household tested positive?
A: All children MUST remain home.

Q: What if my child has a fever?
A: All siblings must remain home, and the child with the fever must receive a negative test before all can return to school.

Q: How long after being exposed should we take a test?
A: After 4 complete days.

Q: Do I need to notify the school if someone in my household tested positive? Can we just stay home?
A: You MUST notify the school immediately (see protocol above). Purposeful deceit can result in suspension.

Q: What triggers a class closure?
A: If there was a student or a teacher that tested positive, and attended the class activities within 48 hours prior to when the test was administered, the class will need to close. A detailed email will be sent to all those that are affected.

Q: If one of my child’s classes closes due to exposure, can my other children attend school?
A: Yes. Only the one who was directly exposed (“a direct contact”) needs to remain at home. A “contact to a contact” can join regular classes.

Q: How can I upload a negative test result?

When in doubt, contact