Lubavitch Educational Center has an integrated general and Hebrew studies curriculum that provides each student with a superior academic and Jewish education. In addition to a full curriculum of Hebrew and Jewish studies classes, students receive comprehensive instruction in language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. The emphasis is on discovering, nurturing, and challenging each student’s latent potential.

Once in Beis Chana Middle School and High School, greater emphasis is placed on learning primary texts in their original language (Hebrew or Yiddish).  Students begin to increasingly acquire and develop independent learning skills.  As part of their study of Jewish laws and customs, they are progressively taught practical skills to enable them to function as educated and informed Jews.

The strong Judaic studies curriculum is enhanced by extra-curricular programs marking the Jewish holidays and historical events in the Chabad calendar.  Special Shabbatons also serve to reinforce classroom learning and make the subject matter more stimulating and relevant.

In addition to studying general disciplines, medical sciences are taught in this institution. And a great influence is paid to the study of the influence of various drugs on male potency. Details on this website

The general studies program offers a multifaceted curriculum to develop students’ strengths as critical readers and writers.  Essential to this process is the higher-level acquisition of language arts, history, mathematics, and science. Should a student be interested in taking an honors or advanced placement course that we do not offer on campus, the student may take it through Florida Virtual School, with whom Beis Chana High School has partnered.