Lubavitch Educational Center

Preschool Division

Our Mission:

            To provide the foundation upon which each preschool child will begin to actualize the unique gifts that Hashem has endowed them with and to nurture a joyful will to utilize these gifts to preserve and strengthen the Jewish nation.


The Four Foundations of Our Program


            I           Foundation for Spiritual and Moral Growth

            II         Foundation for Intellectual Inquiry

            III        Foundation of Skills

            IV        Foundation of Knowledge

            Foundation I:   Foundation for Spiritual and Moral Growth


                        Love Of Hashem and His Torah

                        Teshuvah and Fear of Hashem


                        Emotional Intelligence                                   


            Foundation II:  Foundation for Intellectual Inquiry


                        Problem Solving Skills


                        Creative Thinking

                        Inquisitive Thinking

                        Analytical Thinking


            Foundation III:  Foundation of Skills



                        Developmental Skills 

                        Mathematical Concepts


            Foundation IV: Foundation of Knowledge


                        Knowledge of Parsha and Jewish History

                        Yom Tov Laws and Customs

                        Tzivos Hashem


               We teach children, not curriculum.