The LEC Resource Room offers a variety of services to support diverse learners in the elementary school.  Established in 2014 on the philosophy that all children can succeed, the Resource Room staff creates individualized programming for the needs of each individual student.

The program is housed in the school’s multi-room Learning Center, and direct instruction is offered in both Jewish and Secular studies.  It is a model designed to meet the individual needs of each student and may include small group or one-on-one instruction based on diagnostic and prescriptive teaching.

Judaic Studies teachers use traditional materials, along with creative techniques and original materials, to offer hands-on learning that addresses individual needs.  Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced in both Judaic Studies curriculum and addressing individual needs.

Secular Studies support is offered in our Computer Lab utilizing blended learning.  Our students have access to individualized internet-based instruction, along with hands-on materials, manipulatives and personal instruction.

Through a partnership with Miami-Dade County Public Schools, qualified students can also receive Title 1 Services, provided by Levy Learning Center.  The method of study features the Orton-Gillingham-based Max Scholar program.  This is designed to develop independent mastery of reading comprehension, writing, vocabulary, summary, and outlining skills.

In addition to creating Individual Classroom Accommodation Plans to assist regular classroom teachers working with students with diagnosed needs, the Resource Room staff also works closely with families of students with diagnosed and undiagnosed learning disabilities to obtain services and resources available from the Miami-Dade County public schools under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

Mrs. Rivka Stein, M. Ed., Director
Mr. Danial Jacoby, Principal
Mrs. Sharon Mirmelli, Administrative Principal, Title I, Title II, Grants and Funding

Judaic Studies:
Mr. Chagit Coen         
Rabbi Yaakov Roth   
Mrs. Devorah Leah Labkowski
Mrs. Mindy Wolff      
Mrs. Devora Young   

Secular Studies:
Mrs. Rivka Stein, M.Ed.
Mr. Mendel Kugel      
Mr. Asher Levin          
Mrs. Avigail Reif,                  areif@lecfllcom
Mrs. Sharon Weinstock

Mrs. Sharon Mirmelli
305-653-8770, Ext. 3312

Mrs. Rivka Stein
305-985-2532 (voicemail)