Covid General Policy

While we continue to monitor the Covid developments throughout our community, below are the LEC policies to help mitigate the risk of exposure while continuing to offer the best learning experience for our students. General responsible behavior and proper reporting are requested to limit the exposure and provide a safe environment for our students and staff. 

  1. Masks will not be mandated.
  2. If a child has multiple Covid like symptoms, a negative test will be required to attend school. Siblings may remain in school unless there is a positive test result.
  3. In the event of a positive case:
    • The class will be notified. The class will not close.
    • The positive student can return after ten days from onset of symptoms or receiving a negative PCR test result.
    • Family members that have been vaccinated or had Covid may attend school. A mask and limited interactions with others will be required for ten days since the onset of symptoms of the family member.
    • Family members that are not vaccinated or didn’t have covid will be required to remain home for ten days or receive a negative test result from a test administered three days after the last contact
  • Until further notice, the online learning option will not be available.

As the circumstances and conditions are fluid, the above policies may be revised as needed.