Covid General Policy

Positive Case

  • Carrier – May return after being quarantined for 10 days without symptoms or after receiving a negative Nasal PCR test result.
  • Contacts and family – Quarantined for 10 days or until receiving a negative test result from a test administered three days after the last contact. 

Contact = within 6 feet for at least 15 minutes irrespective of whether the person with Covid or the contact was wearing a mask.

Experiencing Covid Symptoms – Two symptoms are required except if its fever

  • Individual –  Can return only after a negative test or no symptoms for 10 days.
  • Family – Quarantined for 10 days, or may return after a negative test result, or after the member receives a negative test result. 
  • Contacts – May remain in school. 

It is paramount for parents to keep the school informed if any student, sibling, or an immediate family member has tested positive, is awaiting a test result, was exposed to a COVID positive or suspected positive person outside of school, or is symptomatic.