Will every classroom be outfitted with the technology for the online option?

At the start of the school year there will be a minimum of one class per grade that will be suited for the online option.

If my child needs to be quarantined, will they be able to join the online option?

Yes, they will be able to participate.

Is there an online option?

Yes! We have created a hybrid option for students joining from home. We have equipped classrooms with technology to allow students to Zoom into the classroom. Sign up is required for this option.


How will pick up work?

All children will remain in the classroom or as a class together outside and will not be allowed to mingle. Once the family name is called on the loudspeaker, the children will go directly to the vehicle.

Preschool and Pre 1A children will be brought to the vehicle. 

Will traveling out of state require a test prior to returning to school?

While it is recommended that you adhere to all social distancing requirements and limit your travel, as of now, no test will be required.

WIll the students change classrooms throughout the day?

We are attempting to limit as much as possible the movement of students from one classroom/group of students to another.

What are the safety precautions measures that LEC is putting in place?

  • Parents and visitors will not be allowed into any of the LEC campuses unless they submit a recent negative covid test. (in the last two weeks)
  • Desk shields will be installed on each child and teacher’s desks.
  • Face shields will be mandated for all staff members to wear during interaction with students.
  • Students will be required to wear a face mask while outside of the classroom. 
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be placed in multiple places on each floor. 
  • High traffic surface areas such as door handles and bathroom surfaces will be disinfected routinely throughout the day. General sanitizing cleansers will be deployed during the nightly cleaning process.
  • UV lights are being installed in the A/C systems
  • Continuous handwashing will be encouraged.
  • Meals will be eaten in classrooms.
  • There will be no large assemblies of students indoors.
  • Outdoor play policies are being adjusted to incorporate limited interaction between classes.
  • A special isolation room will be prepared in case there is a suspected case of COVID.
  • See information below regarding temperature checks

I have another question/concern or idea. What should I do?

Please email the school office at Middleschool@lecfl.com

How can I be in touch with the principals?

I can be reached at Ygarfinkel@lecfl.com. Mrs. Spalter may be emailed at lspalter@lecfl.com.