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Yes – once we get a better understanding of what the month of August brings us in terms of 

Covid-19 restrictions a detailed email will go out explaining how it will be implemented. 

I can be reached at Ygarfinkel@lecfl.com. Mrs. Spalter may be emailed at lspalter@lecfl.com. 

Please email the school office at Middleschool@lecfl.com

Middle School will be located on the 4th floor of the main LEC building at 17730 Northwest 7th Avenue. Our office will be on the 4th floor, on your right side, as you go down the hall.

An email with an online “Bar Mitzvah Calendar,” has already been sent out to parents. The link for your convenience is http://goo.gl/yXARya. As a reminder conflicting dates should be coordinated among families not through the school.  We welcome our students to have their Hanochas Tefillin in school with their classmates. It is a meaningful event for both their friends, and family.  Our Bar Mitzvah guidelines and other pertinent information will be sent closer to the start of the school year.

Students in grades 6, 7, & 8 will start school at 8:10 am on Tuesday September 1st.

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All seforim are supplied by the LEC Middle School.  For a list of necessary school supplies, please see the attached pdf file.

Download (PDF, 409KB)

All students are served a daily hot lunch. Considering we are starting at 8:10 am (not 7:45 am), only our graduating class of 8th grade students (which are all over Bar Mitzvah) will be provided with cereal and milk after davening. Our 7th grade students will have multiple chances after davening to have treats with the over 50 Hanochas Tefillin that will be taking place this year, אי”ה. For the remaining other days we ask students in grades 6 and 7 to eat something at home before davening. We would not advise washing for bread before davening.

Our Student Handbook will have a complete description of uniform guidelines.

Grade 6 Blue polo or button-down Oxford dress shirt (white or blue). Black or navy blue pants.

Grades 7-8 White or blue button-down Oxford dress shirts. Black or navy blue pants.


Shoes or Sneakers

Shoes or sneakers should be black without colored stripes and laces. Discretion for a small white logo, or white stripe near the sole can be given.


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