Evening Out!

Vov Tishrei Challah Baking

Interview with Mr. Daniel Jacoby

Lubavitch Educational Center is pleased to welcome Mr. Daniel Jacoby as Principal of the Elementary School General Studies Department.  New to our community and to South Florida, we decided to sit down with him and find out how he came to pursue a career in education, his views on students, teachers and parents, and what he does for […]

Patriotic Art

It was her school that inspired second grader Ettie Laber’s creativity. After reading the novel The Great Potato Plan—a tale of one Jewish family’s escape from war-torn Poland in the early 1940’s and their arrival to America, Ettie felt a wellspring of pride for her country of birth and for her school and desired to express […]

Mother-Daughter Tea, Grades 1-5

After a beautiful mother-daughter event for girls in grades 6 to 8, it was now time for the younger students in grades 1 to 5 and their mothers to come together for their annual tea.  Once again organized by the Bnos leaders Chani Dalfin, Shainy Kagan and Devorah Leah Korf, the program offered an afternoon of creativity, spirituality and […]

Camp Gan Israel 5775

To Register for Camp Gan Israel: • Click on the link below and print out the form. • Submit the completed form to the Administration Office at LEC. CAMP GAN ISRAEL REGISTRATION FORM

Chassidic Music Festival

LUBAVITCH ELEMENTARY SCHOOL BOYS Welcomes Parents to our Annual “FESTIVAL OF CHASSIDIC NIGUNIM” BOYS GRADES 1 – 3 June 7 • 10:30 AM 2nd Floor Auditorium BOYS GRADES 4 – 6 June 14 • 10:30 AM 2nd Floor Auditorium


The “SPREAD THE LIGHT” campaign is in honor of the yahrtzeit of Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka, and is for all students in Lubavitch Elementary School Girls.  The campaign runs from 22 Shevat to 25 Adar (February 11 to March 16).  Every time a student goes out to encourage Jewish women and girls to light Shabbos candles, the following form is to be completed. Loading…


It was tea time at LEC for girls in grades 6 to 8 and their mothers.  Organized by Bnos leaders Chani Dalfin, Shainy Kagan and Devorah Leah Korf, the event brought mothers and daughters together for an interesting and varied program.  Beginning with a dvar Torah on the parsha, the gathering was welcomed by Mrs. Chani Gansburg, […]


Welcome to Lubavitch Educational Center’s new home on the Web! In the few short years from our location in South Miami Beach to our current North Miami Beach site, LEC’s enrollment was rapidly expanded. Our families come from all parts of Dade and Broward counties, and every year more families have moved to South Florida […]


It’s been a much loved tradition at LEC’s Elementary Boys School, and this year was no different.  The annual Chanukah Menorah Building Contest of 5775 once again brought out the marvelous creativity of our students.  With the requirement that students adhere to the halachic standards of a Chanukah menorah and construct it with limited parental help, the students came up with […]


It was a milestone event, as LEC’s first grade boys celebrated their initiation into Chumash studies just before Chanukah.  Each of the 58 boys—all adored in Chumash-covered crowns and dressed in their Shabbos clothes—was presented with his very first sefer, a Chumash of his own.  The tradition was marked by refreshments, singing, dancing and picture-taking.  Mazal Tov to […]