Klurman Mesivta

Application Process

Thank you for considering Klurman Mesivta as the choice of Yeshiva for your son. We are appreciative that you are willing to entrust us with your child’s education and care.

Step #1

  • Fill out and submit these forms

Pre Application Form – To be filled out by the parent. 

Talmid Self Evaluation – To be filled out by the Talmid. 

Emergency Contact Form – To be filled out by the parent.

The current teacher or principal (listed in your pre-application form) will receive a recommendation form to fill out.

Step # 2

  • The Hanholo will respond, notifying the parent whether or not the Talmid should prepare for and schedule a Farher/interview.
  • Following the Farher, the parents will receive notification within a few weeks informing them whether or not the Talmid will be offered a place in the Mesivta.

Step # 3

  • Once a parent has been notified by the Hanholo that their son will be accepted, they must register at Lecfl.com.

Please note:

  • While we would like to be able to accept all applicants, our space is limited, and we will not be able to accept everyone. Applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Even if you have already registered on Lecfl.com, you still need to complete this pre-application process. 

Application fees:

  • There are no fees for pre-application. There are registration fees on Lecfl.com. A Talmid that is not offered a place in Klurman Mesivta will have the registration fee refunded. 
  • From March 1st, a Late Application Fee of $150 will be applied.

Transfering Talmidim:

Transfering Talmidim from schools other than Lec.

Please upload the two most recent report cards alongside the forms.  Click here to upload report cards.