Klurman Mesivta

Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

 Which type of Bochur is Klurman Mesivta geared towards?

Any Bochur that is looking to grow in his Yiddishkeit, Chassidishkeit and to develop his knowledge, understanding and התמדה in Torah learning, will find that Klurman Mesivta is the perfect setting to empower and enable his growth.

When does the learning day begin and end?

Learning never ends! Shiurim take place from 7:45 am to 9:00 pm. (Friday and Shabbos have a different schedule).

Where is the Mesivta located?

In the Florida Chabad Headquarters at 1140 Alton Road, Miami Beach. This facility has all the necessary amenities to host a Mesivta, with our own Zal, Shiur rooms, Mikvah, kitchen, lunchroom, dormitory, basketball court etc. 


Which מסכת will the Bochurim be learning?

שיעור א will be learning מסכת סוכה and שיעור ב-ג will be learning the מסכת of the תומכי תמימים cycle, this year is גיטין.

Is there a focus on Davening?

The Mesivta Davening is a sight to behold! The Bochurim Daven במתינות, together and מילה במילה. There is a 15 minute ביאור תפילה Shiur every day before Davening, teaching the simple, as well as the deeper meaning of the נוסח התפילה. 

What motivational methods are used to promote devotion to learning? 

The biggest reward for learning is the learning itself. In addition to יחוד נפלא with Hashem that is strengthened through learning ’תורת ה, a Bochur that is diligent in his learning feels fulfilled, confident, and successful. There are rewards per Daf for learning the גמרא בפנים as well as שקלא וטריא. There are also trips, raffles, and prizes for learning various additional subjects throughout the month. 

Do the Bochurim learn Sichos?

Sichos are learned daily. Bochurim learn with the assistance of a לקוטי שיחות dictionary. Lessons are designed to enable them to acquire a mastership of the language and the style unique to Sichos. 

How often do the Bochurim Farbreng?

Farbrengens take place on every יומא דפגרא, on or in close proximity to a Bochur’s birthday, as well as on Shabbos. Farbrengens are held only with the leadership of a member of הנהלה. It is absolutely forbidden at any time for a Bochur to drink any amount of Mashke. 

Does Klurman Mesivta offer a General Studies Program?

Yes, an optional GS program runs through the afternoon hours. 


When are the Bochurim allowed to play sports?

The Yeshiva field / BasketBall court on our 1140 Alton Road Campus, is accessible during any recess or break time. Mesivta supplies footballs, basketballs, and other sports equipment. 

Are there any other activities during the breaks?

We have a fully loaded Game Room with ping pong, pool, foosball and various board games with Chasiddishe Music playing in the background. The game room is open and supervised daily during the longer breaks and is also granted regularly as a reward for exceptional learning and הנהגה. 

Are there any extracurricular Chassidishe programs?

Many. Examples include: after Seder extra learning programs, large Seforim and book Library, Chassidishe reading material. Hundreds of Rebbe videos on demand in our Zal. Mivtzoim. Mivtzas from the Shluchim. Many of these are independently incentivized.

Are there any other extracurricular activities?

Transportation is provided a few times a week to go shopping, swimming, Mivtzoim, parks etc. Parks visited are in the Greater Miami area.

Does the Yeshiva go to New York for Yud Shvat?



Do the Bochurim have permission to go shopping?

Mesivta provides transportation to and from stores once a week to stores like Walmart, Target, Publix etc. The Bochurim are not permitted to go to the local stores at any time.

How often do the Bochurim go home?

Bochurim go home once or twice a month for Shabbos. See the Mesivta calendar for exact dates. On the week of an off Shabbos, seder ends on Friday at 1:00 pm and Talmidim return to Yeshiva on Motzei Shabbos. For further details on how to receive permission for additional necessary home visits, see our Attendance Policy in the handbook.

What is the electronic devices/cell phone policy?

The only cell phone that is allowed is the Yeshiva-approved cell phone with the Yeshiva-approved plan. They are the pre-kashered phones that are bought from https://mraberthon.com/Kosher. These phones are equipped with Talk & Text capabilities only. No other cell phones are permitted. All internet or radio-capable devices are prohibited. Only Music players that do not have a radio, internet access, or an SD card slot are allowed. Upon arrival at Yeshiva, a Talmid who has a cell phone or music player must turn it into the office to be registered and approved. All electronics are subject to be searched by the Hanhala at any time. For a full review of our electronics and Cell Phone Policy, please see the Student Handbook.

Is the dormitory mandatory?

Yes. A Bochur that lives in the Mesivta dormitory experiences a 24/7 Yeshiva environment. In order to guarantee the highest potential success for the Talmidim, living in the dorm is mandatory. The dormitory is “ח” shaped, Mesivta bedrooms are located on the west and east wing, in the center are the bathrooms and showers. Caring and responsible staff serve as dorm counselors and live in the dorm. They are available 24/7 to provide for Bochurim’s needs.