Middle School Girls – General Studies Teacher — All Subjects

Beit Apel Middle School for Girls is seeking educators in all content areas for the 2022-2023 academic year.


  1. Bachelor’s Degree or higher in content area or a related content area
  2. Teaching Experience:  2+ years

Candidate must:

  • Have the ability to teach engagingly and effectively, using a variety of instructional methodologies, curriculum resources, and materials
  • Have proven experience in motivating and educating students to high levels of achievement
  • Have strong organizational skills and a relentless pursuit of excellence
  • Have an ability to exercise patience and support during students’ learning process
  • Contribute to a positive student-adult school culture
  • Adhere to the professional and ethical standards as outlined in the Staff Handbook
  • Maintain and submit necessary records, progress reports, and grade reports and provide timely and ongoing feedback to students and families regarding student progress
  •  Identify the special needs of students and seek additional support, as needed
  • Assist in general supervision and discipline of students outside of the classroom
  • Differentiate instruction to reach all learners
  • Establish and maintain a classroom atmosphere conducive to learning
  • Have an unyielding belief in all children’s ability to achieve excellence
  • Plan, organize, and deliver appropriate lessons and submit lesson plans to the assigned administrator on a timely basis
  • Attend monthly grade-level meetings and other meetings, as required
  • Actively build strong relationships with parents, students, and staff that foster trust, collaboration, and communication

Candidates should submit a cover letter and resume.



Middle School Girls- Grades 6-8, Limudei Kodesh Teacher

Beit Apel Middle School for girls is seeking innovative, passionate, knowledgeable and creative Judaic studies teachers for the 2022-2023 academic year.

As a teacher, you will  be responsible for developing and issuing academic content, motivating and educating students to reach their potential, ensuring the safety and productivity of all students, developing positive relationships with students and adults, caring for the social and emotional needs of every individual, and inspiring the students to foster a true love for learning Torah, doing Mitzvos and follow the Rebbe’s Horaaos.


Middle School Boys – Grade 6-8, Limudei Kodesh Rebbe

 Middle School boys is looking to fill a full time or part time מחנך / Rebbi position.

Middle School  and חדר department is made up of grades 6, 7, and 8. Experienced מחנך is a huge plus, but guidance and coaching available for the right candidate. Middle School Department has a wonderful Curriculum Director, Guidance Counselor, supportive office staff for teachers and students alike. Great pay, wonderful team, and over ten nearby Anash and Chabad house communities to move into.

As the fastest growing school in the nation,  LEC is a fabulous place to experience your teaching Shlichus.

Middle School Boys – General Studies Teacher — All Subjects

LEC Boys Middle School’s General Studies Division is looking to hire a teacher for grade 6 for the upcoming school year – 2022/2023.

As a middle school teacher, you have the opportunity to set the tone for learning for the rest of a student’s life. You teach students to love learning and overcome the challenges and obstacles they face that keep them from reaching their goals. While adhering to the curriculum, our teachers are encouraged to find creative and engaging ways to teach students real-life applications of difficult concepts.

Teachers are responsible for teaching all subjects such as reading, science, social studies, grammar, writing, and mathematics. Teachers write weekly lesson plans for all subjects, including engagement and total participation techniques. They also help students develop critical thinking skills, learn to solve problems and understand abstract ideas. They develop and enforce classroom rules to teach proper behavior. In addition to grading papers and homework regularly, they communicate with students and parents to update them on their progress throughout the year.


Monday-Thursday 1:00-4:00 pm and Friday 1:00-2:00.

Subjects taught:

Math, English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.