Click on the links below for Head Start Requirements and Registration, Head Start DCF Form, Consents and Permissions Form, and the H1N1 Brochure.  Once the forms are completed, they are to be brought to the Preschool Office with the parent’s 2019 W-2 form or 2019 signed tax return.  Head Start applications without the 2019 W-2 form or completed 2019 tax return will not be considered.  Please do not date any of the forms.  All forms will be dated when your forms are brought in.  Please make an appointment to submit your forms.  For further information, please contact Michal in the Preschool Office at (305) 653-8770, ext. 2020.

2020-21 Head Start Requirements and Application
Head Start DCF Form
HS Parental Consents & Permissions
H1N1 Brochure
Mental Health Consent

Screening Letter