LEC School Calendar – 5784 – 2023/24

August 301st Day Of School
September 15 - 17Rosh Hashana - No School
September 18Tzom Gedaliah - No School
September 24 - 25Yom Kippur - No School
September 28 - October 9Sukkos - No School
December 13 - 17Chanukah - No School
December 22Asarah B’Teves - Early Dismissal
January 19 - 28Mid Winter Vacation
March 21Taanis Esther - Early Dismissal
March 24 - 25Purim - No School
April 17 - May 1Pesach - No School
June 11 - 14Shavuos - No School
June 21Last Day Of School
  • Kinus Hashluchim/Hashluchos dates and two Professional development days will be forthcoming.
  • Student orientation information (prior to August 30) will be forthcoming from individual departments.

Girls Booklets


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CGI Miami 2019

To Register for Camp Gan Israel 2019:
• Click on the link below and print out the form.
• Submit the completed form to the Administration Office at LEC.



To Register for the Pioneers Division 2019:
• Click on the link below and print out the form.
• Submit the completed form to Rabbi Yakov Garfinkel in the Boys Elementary School 6th floor office.


Rainforest Encyclopedia

Phase I Excite: Entry event and driving question Phase I is designed to get the students excited about the project, inquire about the project,, and collaborate with partners. During the lesson, teachers will start off with guided inquiry. With guided inquiry: Teachers start with an overall guiding question. Teachers know what they want their students […]

Pesach Sheini

Chidon Sefer HaMitzvos 5777

6th Grade Boys – Chanukah Play