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Welcome to Bnos Chabad Elementary 5782

Welcome to all our returning students and to new ones who have joined us this year!  We look forward to getting to know your daughters and anticipate their growth as their talents and Middos shine forth. 

I am Mrs. Nechama Tauber, and I taught in the Elementary Girls Division for 14 years.   This year I am excited, together with Chaya Jacobson, to take on the role of the Director of Programs and Tzivos Hashem for the Elementary Girls Division (Grades 2-5).  Chaya Jacobson, who did an amazing job last year organizing Bnos Programs under so many COVID restrictions, is returning with experience par excellence and renewed energy and excitement to work with me.   

Our goal is to provide a feeling of excitement and love for Yiddishkeit/Chassidishkeit that will I”YH permeate your daughters and have an everlasting effect. We will plan engaging, exciting, and educational programs to enhance your daughter’s learning experience for each Chassidishe Yom Tov or special date on the Jewish calendar.  We will explore the girls’ talents for these programs and work on Middos Tovos in various ways. We hope to deliver an inspiring year of programs that will touch your daughter in ways she will always remember. 

Tzivos Hashem registration is now underway, and we are pleased to implement the exciting programs that were a great success last year. Some of our thriving Tzivos Hashem Programs are:

1) Monthly JBC (Junior Base Commander) Groups, where every girl gets a chance to shine and lead. 

2) “Tzivos Hashem Club”(special activities for the girls who complete their missions consistently). 

3) Shabbos Mevorchim Tehillim incentives.

4) Promotion Ceremonies and Tzivos Hashem Rallies. 

5) Rebbe video and Rebbe storytime at our weekly assemblies. 

6) Chidon for 4th & 5th Grade (Information about Chidon will be forthcoming soon iy”h)


We will iy”h send out periodic emails with photo albums with pictures of the programs.

As always, your feedback and suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Please email me at or Chaya Jacobson We would love to hear from you! 

Looking forward to partnering with you in making this year an inspiring one for your daughters! 

Kesiva V’chasima Tovah! 


Mrs. Nechama Tauber & Chaya Jacobson

Program Directors   

LEC Girls Elementary Division (grades 2-5)