Went to nursing home to say bracha with people that couldn’t go to the sukkah

The Baires Family went on Mivtzoyim During Sukkos,

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Kaleb 4A

Nathaniel 4A

Betzalel pre1A

helped 3 Yidden Bench Lulav, and 0 Yidden make a Bracha לישב בסוכה.

We went to the nursing home we helped 3 women say the bracha, my father took several pictures but by accident we erased them,
but could only get 1 picture.
We felt so proud to help other jews say the bracha of lulav
We felt happy our father took us tot the nursing home, First we went to the hospital to visit the children but the staff didn’t allow us to go up staris,
this was heartbroken because we really wanted to see the other children.