sholom went on mivtzoyim throughtout yomtov as well as on cholhamoed, he also did mivtzoyim at the hospital

The posner Family went on Mivtzoyim During Sukkos,

First Name Class
sholom grade 6 a

Helped 50 Yidden Bench Lulav, and 30 Yidden make a Bracha לישב בסוכה.

sholom went to westside hospital to bench lulav and esrog with some patients there. some of the patients there had not benched lulav for over 13 years and they were so thankful they had the mitzvah to bench this year.
at the sukkah party sholom benched with many people who had never benched lulav.
in our complex where sholom lives a man was visiting his family from Isreal. the man really wanted to bench lulav on yomtov but he didnt have one. sholom visited this family and benched with them on yomtov and convinced them to come to the sukkah party at chabad.