Shimon did an amazing selfless mitzva with his lulav and esrog…. [ We were in orlando first days succas…. we stayed in a hotel a few blocks away from chabbad center .. we ate by chabbads succa yt .. was beautiful.. There were 3 older girls sisters from israel that stayed in our hotel.. they live in kfar chabbad… they were there without their parents…they were going early morning to the disney parks and wanted to have a lulav and esrog early am… so shimon offered his set .. with such simcha and joy he gave it to them… they kept it for 2 days…was also a kiddush hashem .. they left it @ the front desk 4 us to return it… they were very impressed one jew helping another…

The Wertheimer Family went on Mivtzoyim During Sukkos,

First Name Class
Shimon 4

Helped 3 Yidden Bench Lulav, and 3 Yidden make a Bracha לישב בסוכה.