Mivtzoim at the Hospital!

The Storfer Family went on Mivtzoyim During Sukkos,

First Name Class
chaya storfer 5c

Helped 4 Yidden Bench Lulav, and Yidden make a Bracha לישב בסוכה.

my mother just gave birth so we went to the hospital we made sure to bring our *lulav* and *esrog* just in case we met someone who was jewish. We arived at the hospital many were jewish but they said they already shook. but we did not give up we found 4 ppl in 10 minutes who did not shake the lulav and esrog we shook with them and they were all realy happy wich made us also happy. when we were done we went to our cute little sister brought her home and enjoyed the rest of our yomtov! 🙂 🙂 🙂