Hertzel Family brings joy to a couple in a car accident

The Hertzel Family went on Mivtzoyim During Sukkos,

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Levi Hertzel

helped 60 Yidden Bench Lulav, and 50 Yidden make a Bracha לישב בסוכה.

We walked on yom tov 45 minutes to bentch lulav and esrog with a family. When we got there no one was home. On our way home by the gate they saw us and stopped and we bentched with them and they were so happy to do the mitzvah and that they didnt miss us. They were emotional. Also on chol hamoed we were going on a trip and we saw a car accident in front of our chabad we brought the old people chairs and water from chabad and said a bracha with them on lulav and esrog they were so happy.