Klurman Mesivta’s annual Fathers and Sons Learning Program once again brought everyone together for a program rich in Torah study, good will and camaraderie.

The gathering began traditionally, with fathers joining their sons in their classroom for a chassidus shiur.  In most of the classes one of the fathers served as the rebbe.  Afterwards everyone came together in the shul to daven shacharis, where 8th grader Sholom Smith served as chazan.  When davening ended, everyone was treated to a lavish breakfast, prepared by Menachem Kozlovsky.

Rabbi Velvel Lipskar, serving as master of ceremonies, welcomed the gathering and introduced the guest speaker and Klurman rebbe, Rabbi Motti Schurder.  Rabbi Schurder spoke on the program’s theme:  the unique aspects of the Mittler Rebbe’s Chassidus.

At that point the boys learned Gemorah b’chavrusa together with their father or an older bocher.   Learning worksheets were provided for everyone, and students received raffle tickets for correctly answering questions on the worksheet.

What followed next was a very special music and story session.  Rabbi Chay Amar, shliach to Golden Beach and a father in the school, showed that he is also a great story teller.  His talks were interspersed with musical presentations—the first, Pado B’sholom Nafshi, by student Chaim Chitrik on the violin with Chazan Rabbi Yossi Lebovics, and the second, the Mittler Rebbe’s Kapelya, was played by students Mendy Rubinstein and Menachem Citron.

The program came to an end with a raffle of the learning tickets the students earned.  Congratulations to the lucky winners—Ari Rubinstein, who receive a $75 Judaica store gift certificate, and Yehuda Goldberg, who won a set of seforim.

On behalf of everyone at Klurman Mesivta, Rabbi Yossi Zavdi is grateful to all of the many people who helped plan and put into place all aspects of the program, making Father & Son Learning Program 5776 the best ever!