Chanuka 5776 came with an unusual and very special gift for LEC students.  The administration, together with all the department heads, made it a Chanuka to remember by bringing in Jewish music star Benny Friedman.  Flying in the singer, with his keyboard player Aron Niasoff, and guitar superstar, Eli Naim, the students enjoyed a concert treat that was made just for them.  It was a double performance—one for the boys and one for the girls, and each was bursting with energy and excitement.  Students were left uplifted as the entire school danced and sang to many of Benny’s hits.

Much thanks go to Benny Friedman, Avram Zammast, Sruly Meyer, Aron Niasoff, and Rabbi Yeruchem Kopelman, each for their special role in the concert,  The inter-department program, which united the entire school, was organized and led by program director and teacher Rabbi Yakov Garfinkel.   Much thanks also go to Mrs. Chanie Schaprio, Chanie Dalfin,  Devorah Leah Korf and Esther Zucker for rallying the girls concert and giving it much spirit.  Once again the principals, Mrs. Chaya Sara Dalfin, Mrs. Shevi Sossonko, Mrs. Sara Rosenfeld and Mrs. Esther Wilyamowsky, worked together in unison to ensure an extremely successful event.  Much gratitude goes to all the department heads and to Rabbi Benjy Korf, who heads the school, for sponsoring the concert.