Tucked into the corner of Lubavitch Educational Center’s expansive school grounds, adjacent to the Preschool play area, lies a haven of quiet solitude—Kayla’s Garden of Eden.  This latest enhancement to LEC’s rapidly developing campus is a gift to the students from long-time Miami Beach residents Dr. Norman and Mrs. Meril Rothman.

As Rabbi Benjy Korf addressed the gathering for the project’s dedication, he spoke warmly of the Rothmans’ love of gardening and their desire to create a space where Beis Chana students from grades 7 to 12 could learn first hand about plant growth in a beautiful outdoor setting.  Rabbi Korf also expressed his sincere gratitude to Mrs. Angela Capurso, Beis Chana High School’s General Studies Principal, who worked tirelessly on the garden’s design, its furnishings and the types of fruits, vegetables and flowers that are to be planted.  Speaking on behalf of the students, 8th grader Golda Aaronson expressed their appreciation to the Rothman’s for the wonderful hands-on learning garden and how much they look forward to spending time there.

Kayla’s Garden of Eden is modeled after the Aeroponic Garden at Chicago’s O’hare Airport, where plants are grown without soil.  Instead, plant roots are misted with a nutrient solution during a regular watering cycle.  Among the many plants to be found presently in Kayla’s Garden of Eden are five types of lettuce, three types of tomatoes, two types of kale, four types of herbs, green beans, mandarin oranges, three types of bananas, olives, pomegranates, lemons, as well as shrubs that attract monarch butterflies.