Mother-Daughter Tea, Grades 1-5

After a beautiful mother-daughter event for girls in grades 6 to 8, it was now time for the younger students in grades 1 to 5 and their mothers to come together for their annual tea.  Once again organized by the Bnos leaders Chani Dalfin, Shainy Kagan and Devorah Leah Korf, the program offered an afternoon of creativity, spirituality and fun.  After partaking in the delicious refreshments, the event started with a dvar Torah on the parsha by LEC parent and shlucha, Mrs. Nina Naparstek, and greetings from 2nd grade student Chana Chanowitz.  Mrs. Rivky Barash, also a parent and a shlucha, addressed the gathering, along with 5th grader Chaya Mann.  A video presentation of the many activities that took place this year reminded everyone of what an exciting year this has been.  The creativity of the participants was brought out by a pottery painting activity.  We are grateful to Mrs. Levana Hashem for providing the pottery and decorating supplies.  Much thanks also go to Shayna Bortunk for beautifully setting up the room and the refreshments.